To date, Habitat for Missions projects have generated profits of more than $1 million to support missionaries and ministries worldwide. Projects typically produce a return on investment of 25 percent. Our ten most recent projects generated profits ranging from $10,200 to $142,400, with an average profit of $51,200. Thus, our project partners can be confident that their efforts will produce substantial support for global missions.

And the benefits of partnering with HFM extend far beyond the numbers, to include:

  • Stronger bonds with missionaries - When church volunteers invest their "sweat equity" in an HFM project, their connection to the missionaries they are working to support takes on a deeper, more personal  dimension. The project provides an opportunity for members of the congregation to learn more about the missionaries and their ministry, which can lead to additional support commitments from the church and/or its people. 
  • Greater church unity - Nothing brings a congregation together like working toward a common goal, and churches that partner with HFM experience that first-hand. What better way to get to know people who previously may only have been faces in the congregation than to work alongside them. The benefits to the church last long after the project is finished.
  • Service to the community - Renovations done by HFM and our church partners are known for quality workmanship and are priced affordably. This creates outstanding value for the buyer and strong demand for our houses. And homeowners who live near one of our projects also appreciate our work, since it helps to raise property values in the neighborhood. Churches can build on this good will to expand their outreach to the community. 

To learn more about how your church can partner with HFM to generate support for your missionaries, contact: HFM Chief Executive Officer Rev. Wayne Richards at 219-401-2322 or richardsw8899@gmail.com.; or HFM Founder Rev. Bill Foster at 765-506-6733 or habitatformissions@gmail.com.