Renovating a house is a great way to raise funds for missions and ministries - if the project succeeds. Habitat for Missions (HFM) works closely with our project partners to help make sure that happens. 

To date, HFM has partnered with 32 churches and organizations and several thousand volunteers on 53 projects in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, generating profits of more than $1.3 million to support missionaries and ministries worldwide.

Most HFM projects are done in partnership with a local church. Such partnerships usually begin with a presentation to the church's pastor and/or other church leaders by an HFM officer. With the church's leadership on board, the next step is a presentation to the congregation by the HFM officer, who explains the process and motivates the church to embrace the project. If the church decides to proceed, HFM draws on our extensive experience and proven methods to assist with every aspect of the process:

  • Selecting key members of the leadership team, including a project manager (ideally with building trades experience), a local realtor, a finance manager and a prayer team leader;
  • Recruiting volunteers to work on the project;
  • Selecting a project house with significant profit potential; 
  • Negotiating the purchase terms and price;
  • Drafting the project plan, schedule and budget;
  • Monitoring progress of the project; and
  • Marketing the renovated house and closing the sale.

Capital to purchase the project house and the materials and products used in the renovation is provided by HFM investors. As the renovation proceeds, HFM works with the leaders of the project to ensure that it progresses on plan, on schedule and on budget. 

Churches that cannot tackle a renovation project on their own can still help raise funds for global missions by assisting a nearby church with its project – a great way to strengthen ties among churches in a community or within a denomination. Individuals who lack the time or physical ability to participate on a work team also can get involved by becoming an HFM donor or investor.