Are you a missionary in need of additional financial support? Or are you approved to serve but still working to raise the funds you need to begin your ministry? If so, Habitat for Missions (HFM) would like to help you.

Our process requires minimal involvement on your part. You give us the name and contact information of the pastor (or other leader) of a church with which you have a relationship, and we take it from there:  

  • We contact the pastor/church leader to explain what HFM does and seek an opportunity to tell the HFM story to the congregation.
  • HFM Chief Executive Officer Rev. Wayne Richards and/or HFM Founder Rev. Bill Foster visits the church to tell the HFM story and determine the church's interest in partnering on a project.
  • If the church decides to proceed, HFM works alongside the project team at all stages of the process.
  • Once the renovation is completed and the house is sold, HFM distributes 90 percent of the profits to you and any other missionaries designated by the partner church.
  • Funds are disbursed in annual installments throughout your term of service. 

Whenever possible, we encourage missionaries to work alongside the project team volunteers. Taking your turn with a hammer or paint brush will strengthen your supporters' connection to you and your ministry - and often leads to additional support commitments from the church or members of the congregation. 

If you are interested in learning more about how HFM can help you generate the funds you need to serve where God has called you, contact: HFM Chief Executive Officer Rev. Wayne Richards at 219-401-2322 or, or HFM Founder Rev. Bill Foster at 765-506-6733 or